Alex Bronstein

alex bronstein
Acquia, Inc.

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Alex Bronstein (effulgentsia) has been instrumental to the Drupal 8 release through his work as a Framework Manager for Drupal 8 Core. Prior to Acquia, Alex has been programming custom Drupal modules since 2005 and contributing to the Drupal community since 2008. During his days as a freelance programmer, Alex discovered that Drupal’s flexibility meant he’d never had to write a custom CMS again.

Most significant D8 contribution

A lot of my work is consensus building, which consists of working with developers in the community to find common ground on issues with competing ideas. One such issue was on how to evolve Drupal core's release cycle to allow for faster innovation while still taking into account the needs of various stakeholders. I'm very happy that with Drupal 8, we'll start using semantic versioning, with a new minor version containing significant, but backwards-compatible, improvements released approximately every 6 months.

Biggest challenge with D8

How long it took: almost 5 years! I think the outcome of all that time is fantastic (I'm very happy with the capabilities and robustness of Drupal 8), but I look forward to the new release cycle allowing great work to get released much more frequently.

Looking forward to most about D8

With Drupal's new configuration management architecture, along with many other improvements across all of Drupal core, we've made it much easier for people to build and maintain high quality distributions (installation profiles) and features (configuration packages) tailored to particular kinds of sites. So I'm looking forward to seeing all the great stuff that distribution and feature builders come up with. While a great strength of Drupal is its vast flexibility and configurability, all that flexibility can make it hard to get started. But with a library of great distributions and features, we can provide site builders with a great starting point and initial site building experience, backed by a platform that can accommodate whatever customizations that the site ends up needing.

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