Amit Goyal

Technical Architect
Acquia Inc.

Amit Goyal, from Delhi, India, has been a Drupalist since 2005; he started with Drupal 4.x! An active contributor to the Drupal community, Amit has worked on many projects involving issues like migration, multisite, and multilingual. He has also contributed to many contributed modules, and to Drupal core (7.x, 8.x). Due to his community contributions, Amit won a grant/scholarship to attend DrupalCon LA in 2015. He also became part of the Drupal Core Gittip Team.

What was your most significant D8 contribution?

My most significant D8 contribution was around Wordpress-to-Drupal 8 migration. The code is hosted on Github, and there’s a blog post devoted to it in the Acquia Developer Center.

What was your biggest challenge with D8?

Earlier it was around the lack of good and up-to-date documentation and blogs on Internet. So I learned lot of things by looking into the D8 code itself.

What are you most looking forward to about D8?

I am loving the performance improvements in D8, and how we can use cache tags to selectively invalidate the cache. What makes it even better: Dynamic Page Cache will benefit every type of user.