Tim Plunkett

Tim Plunkett
Senior Engineer
Acquia, Inc.

Tim's talk at DrupalCon Vienna, The Layout Initiative, is now online. Worth checking out.

It's an update on the status and progress of this initiative.

In this session Tim covers the new proposed concept of Layout Sections, as well as the Layout Builder, and how this affects existing solutions like Field Layout, Panels, Display Suite, Bricks, Paragraphs, and others.

BTW, Tim has been building sites with Drupal for 7+ years. As an active member of the Drupal community, Tim is a core subsystem co-maintainer for Drupal’s Ajax system, configuration entity system, form system, and many more.

In the spring of 2014, Tim joined Acquia as a senior engineer to help bring Drupal 8 to life and today has over 1200 commits. Outside of his work as a Drupalist, Tim is also a DJ for WKDU 91.7FM.

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