Acquia's Lightning for Headless CMS

Acquia Headless Lightning provides an API-first back-end content repository that allows for easy ingestion by front-end applications.

Front-end developers requiring a headless CMS or decoupled CMS have immediate access to a cloud-hosted content repository service for development, delivering, and production.

Headless Lighting builds on the Acquia Lightning distribution and configures the basic tool set provided by the contrib modules selected and implemented in Lightning's Content API.


Acquia Headless Lightning advantages for front-end developers:

  • It makes the user environment more intuitive for non-Drupalists, and more logical for all developers using Drupal primarily as a content repository.
  • It is more opinionated about and examples of how an external / front-end application should authenticate against and consume the Content API.


JSON Content Module

Presentation layer that hides or redirects users from content rendered by the Drupal application.

User Environment

Configures user interface opinions on the administrative back-end, making it intuitive to create and manage content without the need to understand how the Drupal-based CMS will render it.

User Interface Sub-components

UI sub-components consolidate links and add relevant descriptions to common administrative tasks central to using Drupal as a decoupled backend:

  • Access Components: Consolidates API configuration and access.
  • Content Model Component: Consolidates configuring content types and related entities.

Built on Acquia Lightning, Eases Upgrades

Acquia Headless Lightning is built on Drupal and extends the Lightning distribution. That means you can create a sub-profile of Headless Lightning - just like Headless Lightning is a sub-profile of Lightning itself. It also means that front-end applications built with Headless Lightning will get all of the features of and updates to Drupal and Lightning along with update paths.

Node.js Service

Use the Acquia Cloud Node.js Service with Headless Lightning as the decoupled content repository while connecting Node.js code with front-end presentation frameworks such as React, Angular, and Ember.


GitHub for Acquia Headless Lightning.