Acquia Academy Ramps Up

Acquia is ramping up learning with Acquia Academy, giving the community, our customers, and our partners a guide to Drupal and Acquia Product subject matters to learn, plan, and prepare for future initiatives.

Everyone is a fan of good teaching, since it enables the learner to do more. With the expansive abilities of Drupal and Acquia Products, we want to enable the community to do more no matter who you are or where you came from.

For instance, I vividly remember sitting on my couch at age 8, patiently waiting for my parents to figure out why they had rented a video game system for their sons. They were perplexed: how was a weird plastic box going to work with their TV screen?

In the meantime, I was a smart enough to find the instruction guide. Within minutes, I showed my family how to install a cable splitter, configure the AC adapter, and set the unit to “Play” on Channel 3. I was confident that I wouldn’t electrocute myself, and I managed to successfully turn on the machine for a week of fun.

After that, I was a believer in the power of learning materials.

In my mind, that’s why we’ve launched Acquia Academy: so you will have rich, interactive guides to take you from novice to confident user; even if you’re only 8. We hope we will be your newest resource guide.

For more information please review our press release.