Acquia Cloud Free Tier - Exclusive access at DrupalCon Portland

This DrupalCon is going to be super exciting. This DrupalCon, the Acquia Cloud team is offering exclusive community access to the Acquia cloud free tier. What’s that??? Free you ask, well yes it is.

Acquia Cloud Free Tier has all the capabilities of cloud hosting but even better, because you don’t have to pay for it. Each free tier subscription comes with two separate Dev and Stage environments. It also includes all the goodies that Acquia Network comes with like Insight, Acquia Search, Mollom etc. With free tier, you get access to an additional interface Cloud API which lets you do most things that you would otherwise do on the UI, but using API and Drush command line.

You can develop locally and drag-n-drop to deploy code, files and databases to the staging environment. You can play around with it as much as you like and perform thorough testing on the staging environment. Free tier comes with a limited amount of storage. When you are ready to go live with your site, you can upgrade your subscription to get your own production environment and get the memory, server and storage specifications that meet your needs.

Free tier gives developers the flexibility to optimize the site hosting experience. It’s a win-win situation. Not only can you import your site, you can check the performance and security of your site using Insight, which will be available to you with cloud free tier. Insight ranks your site and alerts you about things that can be improved in their site performance, security and best practices. These alerts range from critical to warnings. Each alert also comes with instructions to fix those alerts. However, we know that there are multiple ways to solve a problem and you might have a better solution to fix alerts, in which case you can choose to ignore the Insight alerts. Insight also performs a thorough code analysis, informing you of updates that need to be done to your modules or if any of the modules on the site have been forked, in which case we will provide a diff for that module for you to check and validate the change on the module.

We are offering exclusive Drupal community access to cloud Free Tier at the DrupalCon. Come by the Acquia booth to receive your free tier access code. You can even see a demo of this and we can help you get started with Free Tier.

Watch our in-house technical Indiana Jones (Michael Cooper) walk you through the 5-step process to get started and going with Acquia Cloud:
Acquia Cloud - Free Tier

1. Set up Git - This is your typical first step. Watch this video to learn how to enable SSH keys and set up Git before you can start working on the Cloud UI - Step 1 - Set Up Git

2. Install Drupal Distro - After setting up Git, you could proceed in two directions. You can either Install Drupal Distro or If you already have an existing site, you can go ahead and import your site. Watch this video to learn how to install a Drupal Distro - Step 2 - Install Drupal Distro

3. Import an existing site - If you have an already existent site, then this video will help you import your site onto Cloud - Step 3 - Import Your Site

4. Connect your site to Acquia Network -To be able to work on Cloud and Network, you will need to connect your site to the Acquia Network. The video will walk you through this process and help you get connected to the network easily - Step 4 - Connect to Acquia Network

5. Deploy code and content - The last step describes how to drag-and-drop to deploy code and content using the Acquia Cloud UI - Step 5 - Deploy Code and Content

To learn more about Cloud and network, you can visit Check the videos and documentation and please stop by our booth if you want to learn more and discuss the capabilities of cloud and network further. Our in-house techies will only be happy to answer your questions.

Look forward to seeing you at DrupalCon Portland. ☺