Acquia Cloud UX improvements, free 30-day trials

We released Acquia Dev Cloud at Drupalcon Chicago and so far it has been an incredible success. Thousands of Drupal developers, small and large development shops, and businesses have been successfully building and deploying production Drupal sites on Dev Cloud for six months—and we have learned a ton from them about how to make the system even better. We've been pretty quiet for the last six months, but now we're ready to start talking!

If you'd rather try Dev Cloud instead of reading about it, you can sign up right now and use coupon code BJB111109 to get the first 30 days free.

Getting started

Acquia Cloud is a radically more powerful and efficient environment for building and deploying Drupal sites than a typical web hosting environment. That necessarily means it is also somewhat different from a typical hosting environment. One thing we've heard loud and clear from our customers is that those differences make getting started on Acquia Cloud more of a challenge than we know it needs to be.

We are solving that problem in several different ways. The first component, available today, is clear, easy to access Getting Started documentation available right on the Workflow page:

These short, straightforward documents explain exactly how to install a new Drupal site or import an existing one, how to access and manage your site's code, databases, and user-uploaded files, and how to publish your site when it is ready.


The Workflow page has always been the cornerstone of Acquia Cloud's developer experience. The latest update has several improvements that make it an even more effective tool:

  • The drag-and-drop ability to move code, files, and databases between environments is preserved, but the drop targets are more visually apparent. This screenshot shows dragging code from the Dev environment, which is deploying the 'master' branch from the site's Git repository, to either the Stage or Prod environment:
  • Although you usually only want to perform one Workflow action at a time, less frequently you want to merge new code from Development and the latest content from Production into your Staging environment for testing. We now support that as a single operation:
  • We make automatic backups of everything, but sometimes you want to make one right now. Whether you have one database or many, it is a single operation to back them all up:
  • The new layout keeps the Workflow controls all "above the fold" so you do not have to scroll down to access anything.

Watch this space

We have many more great features and improvements for Acquia Cloud coming soon. Stay tuned!

Remember, you can sign up for Dev Cloud right now and use coupon code BJB111109 to get a Developer subscription with a 1 ECU/10 GB server free for the first 30 days.