Acquia Dev Cloud free developer tier

Visit to register for your permanently free Dev Cloud developer tier account.

Acquia Dev Cloud is the Drupal cloud hosting platform for developers. We launched Acquia Cloud almost three years ago, and have been building features and capabilities to improve developer experience, automation, continuous integration, and to provide the fastest, most reliable Drupal hosting platform ever since. Last month, Acquia Cloud delivered over 5 billion page views and 100 TB of data.

At first, though, it really was too expensive for most Drupal developers. We sold it only with our Enterprise level support contract, offering unlimited 24/7 Drupal development support. This product offers tremendous value to the large companies that need that level of support. However, as any Drupal developer knows, answering any possible question about any aspect of Drupal 6, 7, contributed modules, or even custom modules and themes is hard work and time consuming!

A year ago, we released Dev Cloud. It’s the same Acquia Cloud technology that runs the largest Drupal sites in the world, built for smaller development shops and individual Drupal developers. We pared back the custom Drupal-level support, greatly increased our automation, and reduced the price a lot: Dev Cloud currently starts at $165/mo, and a typical Drupal site running on Dev Cloud only costs about $30-50 per month if you put multiple sites on your account... and that includes Drupal-level support!

Today, we’re announcing another major pricing change. Coming soon, Dev Cloud will be permanently free for developing sites! Fast and easy sign-up, no credit card required. The developer accounts will include all the great features of Acquia Cloud: automated developer workflow, separate Development, Staging, and Production environments, backups, SSH access, Drush integration, Cloud API and Cloud Hooks for continuous integration, and more.

We’ll be rolling out free Dev Cloud accounts over the coming months. To reserve your space in line, sign up now!