Acquia Search Available for Drupal 7

On Monday we made a series of module and service releases to bring Acquia Search to Drupal 7:

  • The Apache Solr Search Integration project version 7.x-1.0-beta4 includes a number of new features, API improvements, and fixes, including changes to the Solr schema.
  • Acquia Network Connector project version 7.x-1.1 now includes the Acquia Search module which integrates the Drupal 7.x version of Apache Solr Search Integration with the Acquia Network
  • The Acquia Network was updated to auto-detect your module version and use the correct set of Solr configuration files when you first enable Acquia Search
  • The Acquia Netowrk also now offers a settings page where you can manually select from a list and your selection will be propagated to the Solr servers.

This release of Apache Solr Search Integration sets the stage for the virtual code sprint starting this Friday, April 8. The sprint will encompass topics including integration with Facet API, integration with Views, UI improvements, and expanded test coverage. Sign up to participate in the Sprints group. If you look at the CHANGELOG.txt you'll see that we had at least 58 different issues that we worked on for this release. If you are running Apache Solr yourself, you will need to update your configuration files and re-index your content.

This screen shot shows the administrative UI with Acquia Search enabled:

The server name links to a configuration screen for a specific Solr server. The ability to have multiple server connections defined each with an associated set of configuration for facets, search boots, etc is one of the new features in the Drupal 7 version of Apache Solr Search Integration that we plan to refine and expand.

If you are an Acquia customer and you have suggestions about additional Solr configurations (especially the schema) that we should offer as standard, please leave a comment here or in the subscriber forum or via a support ticket.