Announcing One-Click Install Drupal Distributions on Acquia Cloud

As Dries has stated many times, Drupal is the future of the web, and distributions are critical to that future. On a CMS where speed to market is already a strength, Drupal’s distributions represent ready to use solutions for assembled digital experiences.

Today we’re excited to launch one-click distribution installations on Acquia Cloud, eliminating a barrier for non-technical site owners to try Drupal and simplifying the evaluation process for users comparing Drupal to proprietary CMS vendors. For developers and site builders, this means you now have a free way to create a live website based on any Drupal distribution so you can begin customizing, using, and collaborating on your project. For users new to Drupal, it’s the quickest way yet to jump in and see how Drupal distributions are the fast path to ready-to-use and highly flexible solutions for social business, conference organizing, open government, commerce and more.

image 1

Now, spinning up a new project is as easy as selecting a distribution from a list on the Acquia Cloud UI and clicking a button.

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If you’d prefer to install a distribution other than the ones available on the Cloud dashboard, we’ve got that covered as well. Simply paste the distribution URL into the field provided, and click a button and you’re on your way. Acquia Cloud will auto-detect whether the URL points to an archive or a Drush Make file, or prompt you to specify which it is if Cloud can’t auto detect it, a feature unique to Acquia Cloud.

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Once you’ve completed that one step, the distribution will be deployed on Acquia Cloud so you can configure your site, extend it with any Drupal contributed or custom module, and take advantage of all the power tools in Acquia Cloud and the Acquia Network.

This is available now on all tiers of Acquia Cloud, including Acquia Cloud Free. Acquia Cloud Free comes packed with tools like Insight, Acquia Search and Mollom to improve your site’s performance, to adhere to Drupal best practices, to improve onsite search and more. There’s no credit card required, so try it out and get started today!

Save yourself some clicks so you can spend less time installing, and more time using and extending what’s next on the web.

If you’re interested in having your high-quality distribution hosted on Acquia Cloud, please contact us at [email protected].