APIs in Drupal 8: REST-aware Routing

Larry "Crell" Garfield led the Drupal 8 Web services Initiative.

The mandate: to make Web services better in Drupal. Or, as the group phrased it in their mission statement, "Drupal needs to evolve from a first-class CMS to a first-class REST server with a first-class CMS on top of it."

When Drupal 8 launched late last year, the consensus was that the initiative accomplished its goal. It's much easier now for Drupal developers to expose content and features on their sites via an API. In fact, the capability is built right into Drupal 8 Core. Some contrib modules are attempting to make such capabilities even better, too.

And just in time. Web services in today's applications and websites have become critical to interacting with third parties.

Now it's up to the rest of us to take advantage of these new capabilities.

To that end, Palantir.net, the Chicago-based Web strategy, development, and design firm, and Acquia are collaborating on a 4-part series to cover what you can do with Web services in Drupal 8. Palantir.net is a dream content partner for Acquia on this topic:  Larry Garfield is Palantir.net's Senior Architect and Community Lead. 

In fact, the series started off, right here in the Acquia Developer Center, with a post from Larry: Web Services 101

Now Larry has just advanced the project with a second post: D8FTW: REST-aware Routing. In this installment, Larry continues his comprehensive explanation of exactly what Web services are, providing a necessary and strong foundation for you to approach the exciting Web services developments new to Drupal 8.

Check out Larry's latest over on the Palantir.net blog. Post #3 in the series will also appear on that site.  Kyle Browning from Acquia will holding down the anchor position in the series, writing the fourth, final post in the Acquia Developer Center. 

BTW, if you like to learn via your ears,  Larry and Kyle also recently gave a webinar on a related topic: Drupal 8 Deep Dive: What It Means for Developers Now that REST Is in Core.