Automatic Module Upgrader for Drupal 8 getting some love!

Back in February at the Acquia Build Week hackathon, Team "Upgrade Roboto" (webchick, Wim Leers, Gábor Hojtsy, xjm, japerry, and estha) published the Drupal Module Upgrader project.

The project is a script that scans the source of a Drupal 7 module, flags any code that requires updating to Drupal 8, points off to any relevant API change notices, and (where possible) will actually attempt to convert the Drupal 7 code automatically to the Drupal 8 version! Essentially it's, a Drupal 7 => 8 version of the Coder Upgrade module, but In Drupal 8's "getting off the island" spirit, the script builds on top of PHP_CodeSniffer which is used by the newer version of Coder Review and has widespread IDE integration. The goal is for this project to save at least dozens of hours off a typical Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 module port by giving module developers a personalized list of API changes that affect them, and automating a great deal of "monkey work" that's required in every port.

I'm pleased to announce that Adam, aka phenaproxima, will be giving this project some much-needed love over the next 3 months. :) His previous Drupal experience includes the Corresponding Entity References module. He also makes music in his spare time. Please give him a warm welcome! :D

You can find Adam in #drupal-contribute in IRC and the Drupal Module Upgrader issue queue. You can also check out the working "battleplan" of the current goals he's trying to tackle. (Updates will be posted to that issue every so often; feel free to subscribe!) Please test the project and report any issues. Patches to Drupal Module Upgrader and answers to tricky D8 API / PHP_CodeSniffer questions graciously accepted. :)