Bring on the future of open source!

Yesterday, North Bridge Venture Partners announced the results of its annual Future of Open Source Survey.

Survey respondents concluded that open source is so attractive because it offers freedom from vendor lock-in, lower costs, and flexibility. The survey results also cite that user confidence in open source has increased dramatically, largely due to shifting philosophies toward licensing and conforming to an organization's internal policies.

To say that we're excited about the results over here at Acquia is an understatement!

Drupal powers two-percent of the world's web sites today, and that percentage continues to climb every day. “This survey reinforces what we continually see in the market with Drupal adoption," said Acquia CEO Tom Erickson. "More and more large, high-visibility customers, such as Sony Music and The Economist, are fully embracing open source as their mainstream solution for social publishing.”

Having also been named the #2 "Up & Coming OSS Company" in the survey, the Acquia team is looking forward to the future of open source through our support of the Drupal community and our offering of products, services, and technical support to simplify the deployment and management of Drupal web sites.

Click here to browse the full survey results.