Building an accessibility green board for Drupal

We are in the process of establishing an accessibility testing green board for Drupal. A green board will allow us to know when accessibility regressions are introduced to Drupal core as we approach the beta and release candidate stages of the Drupal 8 release cycle.

The testing platform and tests are under development and progress is solid, thanks in major part to Kevin Miller (kevee). The tests register 257 failures currently (Nov 6, 2013), although some might be false positives and duplicates. We need developers, testers and reviewers to get us to robust test coverage and zero failed tests against Drupal 8 by 2014.

We’re calling this effort Green by 2014.

Read the full text of the announcement and pointers on how to participate: Green by 2014: Let's get to zero automated accessibility test failures in the Accessibility module