Certification for Drupal Site Builders now Available

The Acquia Certification Program published the new Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder exam this past March and is designed for professionals who build Drupal sites using core and contributed modules.

This test focuses on knowledge of Drupal 7 and topic areas including Drupal features, Content and User Management, Content Modeling, Site Display, Community and Contributed Projects, Module and Theme Management, Security and Performance.

There is a great new blog by Tanay Sai to help you not only study but to help set your expectations: Cracking the Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder exam.

The cost for the exam is $155 and is available to take both on-line and at test centers around the globe.

The certification exam is also being offered at DrupalCon LA along with the Acquia Certified Developer exams. All exams taken at DrupalCon have a free retake offer. This is only available if you take the exam at the event.

So far, participants who have been building sites have been passing with flying colors and it is a great first step in gaining acknowledgement of your skills and knowledge in Drupal. The next step after that would be to tackle the Developer exams and the end goal of attaining Acquia Certified Grand Master 2015 status…but that is for the next blog!