Come to the 4th Drupal Camp London!

Drupal Camp London 2016: 600 Drupalists, international guests, 35+ sessions, loads of Drupal 8 goodness, interesting keynotes, great community

  • What: Drupal Camp London, 2016
  • When: March 4-6, 2016.
  • Where: City University London, Northampton Square, EC1V 0HB London
  • Why attend: 600 Drupalists, international guests, 35+ sessions, loads of Drupal 8 goodness, interesting keynotes, great community
  • More info:
  • Get your tickets! On sale now and available here!

Thanks, Drupal Camp London!

It’s my privilege to be speaking at Drupal Camp London again this year. I was both proud and humbled when I realized that this is the 4th Drupal Camp London and the 4th time in a row I have been invited--I will have been a speaker at every one! Thank you, organizers, for the chance to be part of this great event!

Drupal Camp London has averaged 600 attendees in the past three editions and is set to match or exceed that in 2016. This makes it one of the largest--if not the largest--European Drupal events on the calendar. London is one of Europe’s largest and most important business and financial hubs and this also makes it the center of a lot of Drupal activity.

In the last four years at Drupal Camp London, I’ve been inspired, learned a lot, and met new Drupal friends. Each year, I’ve had the chance to meet and mix with great Drupalists from around the world at the camp, as well as important and interesting people from business, government, and other sectors Drupal is enabling in the digital economy.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Thanks, Acquia!

Acquia is both a Gold-level and a social night sponsor at the camp this year. I’m happy to have an employer that is helping our community and me get together to learn more about Drupal ... and covering some drinks along the way :-)

We’ll also have a booth and a large contingent of my colleagues at the event. Stop by and say hi!

What’s in it for you?

This camp comes at a time when many of us are ramping up for commercial deployment of Drupal 8 and are hungry for helpful information. Roughly half of the sessions at Drupal Camp 2016 focus on aspects of working with Drupal 8!

Here are some highlights you can look forward to at Drupal Camp London, 2016:

  • Training and CxO events - Friday, March 4
    • I’ll be giving a talk at the CxO day about selling the business value of new Drupal 8 technical features. If you’re excited about Drupal 8, but you need some help explaining the benefits of all the cool new technologies to colleagues, managers, or clients, this is the talk for you.
  • More than 35 sessions! Saturday and Sunday, March 5-6
    • Topics range from include technical sessions for front- and back-end devs, to deployment and other DevOps goodies, to design and theming, Agile and other information to give you insight into running or being part of a better company.
    • Roughly half of the sessions focus on Drupal 8; perfect timing for those of us getting rolling with delivering D8 applications to our clients!
  • Keynotes from Clifton Cunningham, CTO of TES Global and Alexis Cheshire, CIO of The Scouts Association
  • Social nights! Friday and Saturday - Many of us consider Drupal events the ultimate show-and-tell. By the end of the day, I am usually full of new information and can’t wait to follow up on things I learned. So one of my favorite parts of any event is the evening get-together.