Drupal for Brand Experience Optimization

Cross-posted with permission from Adyax

World Tempus is a renowned authority on high-end watch brands. With a web presence dating back to the mid-90s, their site needed a major overhaul. This included improving performance, ad management, analytics and SEO. In 2012 they came to us asking for a modern site, cross-platform and true to their standards of luxury.

Their old site was built on TYPO3, with years of accumulated content. We integrated an elegant new design – mobile and desktop – on a Drupal 7 backend. After theming and integration, we managed a massive data dump to the new site – two decades worth of material.

For content management, we created a streamlined workflow. Part of this was taking advantage of Drupal's simple node translation for French and English content.

We had a few strategies when it came to performance optimization. On the front-end, we implemented lazy load for the images. For load-scaling and static caching we used Varnish and Yottaa CDN. We also carried out standard tuning, such as adjusting PHP memory limits to their load needs.

They rely on ad management for monetization. We integrated Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers, the ad technology foundation to create, transact, and manage digital advertising. Then we created custom statistic variables for their Analytics campaign, so they could study authorship and related article performance metrics.

Finally, for hosting we used Acquia Cloud Enterprise because of its reliability, developer tools and Drupal-tuned stack. World Tempus needed maximum performance and uptime, and this was the way to go.

Our work on the new site ended in early 2013, and for the rest of the year World Tempus saw improvements in their performance metrics. For the first time they crossed the one million monthly page view threshold, a 70% increase in traffic compared to the previous year. With their new Drupal CMS, World Tempus has a high performance website with a fine-tuned monetization solution.