Drupal Commons 3.x Interactive Prototype Posted

Following extensive collaboration with Jeff Noyes and Lisa Rex of Acquia's design team, we're excited to share an interactive prototype of Drupal Commons 3.x, and we hope that you'll provide feedback.

These designs showcase our focus on providing all Drupal Commons sites with a smooth out-of-the-box user experience and responsive, mobile-ready theme that looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The prototype depicts the majority of the "community member" functionality from the Drupal Commons MVP user stories that we posted for review a few months ago.

We're posting these designs and soliciting feedback as part of our continuing commitment to developing Drupal Commons as an open product.

You can test-drive the interactive prototype, provide feedback, and see a list of key changes from the 2.x version of Drupal Commons, at the Drupal Commons Group on groups.drupal.org.

Drupal Commons interactive prototype screenshot</img></p>