Drupal Create released on Github

I felt good yesterday. After a long effort, the Drupal Create mobile app was released on Github. Drupal Create is an iOS app which enables folks to quickly and easily post content to Drupal sites. The code is now available under the MIT license for anyone to reuse, customize, and improve. You can modify the code and distribute it and still choose whether or not to give back those modifications. I hope you do give back, but you are not compelled to do so. MIT is a very permissive license. Drupal has a tremendous sharing culture around modules and themes. I hope this release kicks off similar sharing in the realm of apps.

If you want to evaluate the app right away, you are welcome to download the Drupal Gardens app from the iTunes store. Despite its name, the Drupal Gardens app can post content to any Drupal 7 site. The Drupal Gardens app is a branded version of Drupal Create.

Drupal Create is part of an interesting technology stack. On the Drupal side, the MASt module dynamically exports your content type definitions to Drupal Create so that all your work setting up content types and fields in Drupal is reused. Drupal Create adapts and grows with your site automatically, without requiring users to update the app. On the device side, Drupal Create leverages the text input/dictation features of iOS, and the camera for image submission. Under the hood, you’ll also notice the Drupal iOS SDK

Drupal Create took a while to design and build, and then more time to become open source software. This is true in most organizations, Acquia included. I salute all open source advocates out there who work to get code released as open source. Special thanks to Acquia and Workhabit for sponsoring and contributing this code.

Acquia’s /drupalgive page is a great way to learn more about our recent contributions to Drupal.