Drupal Gardens adds content access control, image tools and more!

This is the 21st in our series of Drupal Gardens 'What's New' posts, and we think this one is especially worth celebrating. Need to restrict valuable content on your site to only privileged users? Want to crop, rotate or resize uploaded images in your posts? Wish you could click to perform bulk delete or other operations on lists of users, content or media? Long for better control over how comments are displayed on your site? With this release, we've got you covered.

A lot went into making these features simple, but powerful. For content access control, we started with the powerful Taxonomy Access Control module, and worked with maintainer Jess (xjm) to make it easier to assign access permissions with an alternative user interface. In addition, we created the TAC Redirect 403 module that allows custom upsell pages for different categories of restricted content. For cropping, rotating and resizing image media we created the Media: image editing module. For bulk operations we added the Views Bulk Operations module and worked with maintainer Bojan Živanović (bojanz) to simplify the UI. For comment customization, we created the Comment Goodness module. As usual, the patches and modules developed for these features were donated back to drupal.org so the entire community can benefit. We hope you find them useful!

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on Jan. 30th with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Crop, rotate, and resize images in the WYSIWYG editor

    Content editors can use the WYSIWYG editor to rotate, crop, and scale images on the fly. To learn more, see Crop, rotate, and scale embedded images.


  • Customize how comments are displayed

    Now you can sort comments per content type and customize commenting labels. For a YouTube-like comment experience, you can sort comments by ‘Newer first’ which also moves the comment form to the top of the comment stream. To learn more, see Customizing comments and sorting.


  • Eliminate repetitive site administration tasks with bulk operations

    For Basic subscription plans or higher, save time and eliminate repetitive administrative tasks by extending your views with Views Bulk Operations. With this feature you can select multiple items in a view (e.g. content, users, media, etc) and click to bulk delete, bulk publish, and more. To learn more, see Applying bulk actions to view items

    View Bulk Operations example

  • Restrict access to your site's content to privileged users.

    For Professional subscription plans or higher, Drupal Gardens provides fine-grained access control to your site’s content using Taxonomy-based access control. With this feature, you can define access control rules describing which users (by role) can view, edit, or delete content. Then you can apply these access control rules to any content you want. Optionally, you can allow some users to see a teaser of the content, but then redirect them to another web page when they try to view the full version of content in order to upsell them or provide information about how they can get access to your premium content. To learn more, see Restricting access to site content.

    Content access permissions section

  • For a complete list of what's new, including updates to Drupal modules and bug fixes, see the release notes.