Drupal Gardens adds support for private fields, and hundreds of audio, video, and image services!

Have you ever needed to quickly add audio, videos or images from the major web services like SoundCloud, Flickr, Vimeo, and BrightCove? Or wished you could control who can see certain parts of your site's content or user profiles? Now you can. With this release, the Drupal Gardens team delivered these very popular requests by including (and contributing to) the powerful Field Permissions, oEmbed and Remote stream wrapper modules. Special thanks to community maintainers Rob Loach, Benjamin Doherty (bangpound) and Dave Reid for their recent work on these modules. They rock!

Read on for details about what's new in this release:

  • Easily embed audio, videos, images, and more from hundreds of service providers

    Enhance your site with unique experiences by embedding audio, videos, images, rich media, and article previews. After clicking +Add media > Embed from URL, just paste the URL for the item you want to embed from over 200 providers including SoundCloud, Vimeo, Posterous, Flickr, and Brightcove. Additionally depending on where you place your embedded media, it will be automatically resized to narrow sidebars or the wider content area.

    See Embedding audio, video, and image in your site to learn more.

  • Control which fields users can access

    As a site owner, you can control the visibility and access of nearly any field across any content type, media, users, or comments. For example, if you want to limit the ability to read the Body field of a blog post to only authenticated users, you can restrict the visibility of that field to that specific user role.

    Another example is if your sites prompt users for their birthday during site registration. You can hide their birthday from other users since this information is sensitive, but only allow administrators to see this information. Custom permissions are also allowed for even more fine-grained control.

    See Controlling field access permissions to learn more.

  • Manage all billing information on one tab

    You can now edit your billing information and view your billing history from the same location. See Viewing and editing billing information to learn more.

  • For a complete list of what's new, see our release notes