Drupal Gardens and Drupal 7 Essential Training at Lynda.com

Lynda.com has just announced three new training courses...

Drupal Gardens Essential Training course, Drupal 7 Essential Training Course, and Drupal 7 New Features.

You can have a peek yourself using this Free 24 hour pass to lynda.com. It's great to see these videos available alongside Lynda's other great topics in graphic design applications, animation, and programming. This is really going to help increase the reach for Drupal training.

These step by step video guides were developed by Tom Geller (tgeller on Drupal.org). Tom is also an author, having recently published Drupal 7: a visual quickstart guide by Peachpit Press. It's great to see that through his writing, he's also contributed excellent bug reports and documentation on Drupal.org (and in Drupal Gardens!) Surely, the best way to find bugs is to teach the software! By the way, if you're a brass player, and going to DrupalCon in Chicago, you should ping Tom :)

The new Drupal 7 titles fill out the other Drupal library which also includes:

  • Drupal: Creating and Editing Custom Themes (By Chris Charlton, manager of the LA Drupal User Group)
  • Drupal 6: Online Presentation of Data (By Tom Geller)
  • Drupal 6 Essential Training (By Tom Geller)

Here's a quick look at the two of the new courses available on Lynda.com:

Drupal Gardens Essential Training Course

This course is rated as Level: Appropriate for All, in contrast to the other Drupal 7 trainings, which are rated beginner and intermediate. This would be an ideal start for someone who is new to web development and getting to know Drupal. It can help someone learn how to set up their own site, without the worry of system administration or dealing with hosting. You can preview some free videos, such as:

  • Creating image galleries 04:48
  • Using exported sites outside of Drupal Gardens 03:46

...and six others. I like how Tom starts by showing you the complete project you will learn how to do, step by step.

Drupal Gardens Essential Training>9. Managing Sites>Using exported sites outside of Drupal Gardens

Drupal 7 Essential Training Course

This is a more comprehensive training, which covers some of the same topics covered in the Drupal Gardens training, but also the installation of Drupal, and the selection and installation of modules. You can preview some free topics:

  • Deciding whether to use Drupal 05:04
  • Adding fields to content types 09:06

... and seven more free videos. There is also a series on Drupal 7 New Features which is suitable for intermediate level-- people who are familiar with Drupal already and just want a recap of the changes.

Drupal 7 Essential Training>9. Extending Content - Modifying image styles

Of course, you can grab a free pass for Free 24 hour pass to lynda.com and get a peek at the other videos.

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