Drupal Tools and Trends Survey: Make Your Voice Heard!

No two Drupalists are exactly alike.

Some use Mac, some prefer PC, and some wouldn’t switch from Linux if you paid them. Some are developers, some are admins or operators, and some are content authors or marketers. Some Drupalists conduct deployments through the command line, whereas some others prefer the simplicity of a GUI.

In today’s data data-driven world, “some” just doesn’t cut it. Just how much do Drupalists differ from one another? What trends are emerging in the adoption of tools and user behaviors throughout the Drupal community? What tools, products, and features lead the pack in user experience and satisfaction, and by how wide a gap?

A new Drupal user tools and trends survey has just been launched to answer these questions and replace “some” with confident statistics through quantitative user research. Participation in this survey takes about five minutes, enters you into a drawing for one of five $100 Amazon gift cards, and contributes to a better understanding of the Drupal world.

Please consider taking the survey. The more data, the better!

Any questions or comments regarding this project? Send them to me: Adam Young