Getting Started with Acquia Cloud CD

April 18, 2017

The engineers at Acquia recently launched Acquia Cloud CD, a set of developer tools to automatically and continuously assure the quality of Drupal applications on Acquia Cloud.

To help you get started with these powerful tools, Acquia Learning Services has created a task-oriented, hands-on tutorial, to walk you through implementing continuous integration for your Drupal application.

This tutorial includes four in-depth lessons that will help you create a development workflow that spins up a new environment for each pull request. The lessons are:

  • Installing the CD pipelines client Locally
  • Defining a Build
  • Integrating GitHub
  • CD Environments

At the end of these lessons your team will be able to perform manual reviews and execute automated tests before the code is merged -- as described in the video below:

Check out the full Getting Started with Acquia Cloud CD tutorial at

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