The Latest Product Updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform

MJ Johnson, Acquia's Senior Director of Product Marketing, has just published a blog post that captures all the product developments that took place in Q4, 2019.

Click here to read his entire post.

 Here are the highlights: 

  • New Relic Pro, the leading application performance management solution, is now available to all Acquia Cloud customers.
  • SumoLogic has partnered with Acquia to deliver custom dashboards that allow developers and IT operators to utilize custom graphs and data insights to identify potentially problematic anomalies in log data. These dashboards are available to Acquia customers using our log forwarding feature. To get started, configure both services to get infrastructure logs flowing. From there, follow SumoLogic’s instructions to get the app up and running.
  • Acquia Lightning, our leading Drupal 8 distribution, now has improved usability in the latest release. Drupal’s Claro as the default admin UI. Layout Builder Everywhere is also available in Beta to improve UX capabilities. 
  • Drupal 9 Deprecation Status Tool is now available, for free, to enable users to determine which modules are Drupal 9 compatible, and for those that are not, provides specific information useful in determining exactly which issues need to be addressed.
  • In September, Acquia acquired Cohesion, a fully featured, low-code site builder tool. Two new features and releases have been added since the acquisition: 
    • UI to Manage a Core Design Template as a “Master Brand” - Cohesion’s new Core Design Templates help drive overall brand consistency by empowering brand managers to share design elements across Drupal sites. 

    • Live Preview in Template Styles Prior to Publishing - In the interest of accelerating site creation and deployment, site builders can now preview their designs “live” prior to publishing.

  • In December, we announced that Acquia was acquiring AgilOne, a leading customer data platform (CDP). Here are the major features the Acquia AgilOne Customer Data Platform offers:

    • Single Customer View

    • Analytics and Machine Learning

    • Customer Data Activation and Orchestration

  • Finally, Acquia Lift, Acquia's personalization tool, has a number of updates: 

    • Multilingual Personalization

    • Multisite Campaign Management

    • Improved Campaign Analytics Capabilities

Be sure to read MJ's excellent post to get all the details.