Making the Switch: Drupal 4 Developers

To follow up on our post about the Security Training we're running in Denver, we now introduce you to our second training course - "Making the Switch: For Experienced Developers Moving to Drupal" taught by Jeff Beeman, Joshua Brauer, and Chris Porter.

Check out the (very amateur) video below with Jeff Beeman and Erik Webb. Jeff is leading this years course, and Erik taught this course with Jeff in London & Chicago. They have some fun doing a "fireside" chat and covering the outline of the course. Watch for Jeff's watch... ;)

This will be the second DrupalCon at which we've run this course - which is a fast paced, wild (but safe) ride into Drupal. A distillation of the most essential concepts in Drupal, coupled with hands-on work in setting up a Drupal environment, participants will walk out of class confident and ready to make the most of DrupalCon.

Based on past experience, we'll hold a conference call for all participants a week before DrupalCon to ensure you're ready to go for class, have your environment set-up, and cover basic questions. Then, during the week of DrupalCon our trainers will check in with you for lunch, dinner or drinks (first round on us!) to make sure the material we covered in class is staying with you.

As with the Security course, the training team will be conducting free Webinars on Wednesday, February 15th at 9 am ET and 1 pm ET. Click the times to sign up for those webinars.

If you'd like to attend the course at DrupalCon, sign up here, and do so soon to ensure you get a spot in this class (and get the early bird discount - DrupalCon ticket prices are going up on February 21st!).

If you'd like to take a shot at winning a FREE ticket to this course, check out our DrupalCon contest. We suggest registering for training anyway (we'll reimburse you cash if you win the free training ticket) to ensure you get a seat in the course. We've sold out in prior DrupalCons.

See you in Denver.