Mother of All Demos II: The Future of Acquia Cloud

One of the highlights of Acquia Engage is when Chief Product Officer Chris Stone and his team of engineers demo Acquia products and give attendees a preview of what is on the horizon. Dubbed “The Mother of All Demos,” this presentation showcases the best of Acquia’s products and offers insight into the future of the company, not just Acquia’s product offerings. Cloud is arguably Acquia’s best known product. At Acquia Engage 2016, Senior Director of Product Will Eisner walked attendees through the latest Acquia Cloud features and what’s next on the Cloud roadmap.

New Acquia Cloud UI

The Acquia Cloud presentation kicked off with the debut of the new Cloud UI. This new web experience is more responsive, faster, and API-first. The new Cloud UI was designed with customer feedback in mind. The most important activities are now up front and accessible, such as the environment drill-down screen. Update: Since this presentation, the new Cloud UI has been made available to all customers.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory Stacks

Acquia Cloud Site Factory offers a simple process for duplicating sites and provides unprecedented control over hundreds or thousands of sites from a single dashboard. It’s a great tool for digital platform owners who want to view, manage and create a set of sites running on a common infrastructure and code base, or “stack.” However, there have been situations where customers have needed the option to have more than one stack. For example, some customers might have sites deploying a Drupal 7 code base, but want to start spinning up sites from a Drupal 8 code base as well. This is where stacks comes in. Acquia Cloud Site Factory Stacks gives customers the option to deploy multiple stacks -- each consisting of multiple sites, a platform codebase and dedicated cloud resources -- from a single console.

On Demand Environments

One of the benefits of Acquia Cloud is the availability of non-production environments for the purposes of build and test. They are production-like, which is important because when you deploy to production you can deploy with confidence. What’s next for Acquia Cloud is dynamic on-demand environments. Within the familiar Acquia Cloud experience, you will be able to create additional environments very rapidly -- in a matter of minutes -- which look and work just like Acquia environments you’d expect. The ability to create new environments quickly opens up new use cases for customers, for example, feature branch development or automated testing on production-like environments. Watch Will’s presentation and demo below:
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