My Dream for the Web: The Open Source Way

What should the Web be? When I ask this question, I suddenly feel ancient because it takes me back to the days when I was an engineering student. We were always told that with technology, the sky was the limit, but it was never easy for me as a developer to explore everything that technology had to offer. The Internet has been a world of endless opportunities, yet I have always hoped for developers to have a more seamless, free web experience.

So, my dream for the perfect technology world is one that completely embraces open source and appreciates “Creative Independence”, where a young, enthusiastic, budding developer does not feel tied down and restricted; A world where college kids don’t have to spend a lot of money just to experiment and learn new technology to nurture their curious minds.

With this thought, I spring out of my little time travel episode to look around and I see the Drupal community and my faith in this dream is restored. Never before have I seen such a group of passionate individuals who strive and dream to build better technology that is readily available to absolutely anybody, developer or non-developer. I have come across people with no development experience embracing open source technology because they can easily access it and learn how to use it. Open Source challenges and encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Acquia is made up of members of the Drupal community, which is why I believe it’s a great place for developers to start their Drupal journey. You will find many open source tools on our site, whether it’s version control with Git and Subversion or reverse proxy caching with Varnish. We take the “Open Source Way” very seriously. Don’t believe me??? Stop by and take a tour – even our work and collaboration areas are named after open source software products.

Open source adoption is wide and growing. I believe that it’s still in the early stages but I can see this dream starting to get realized. We are doing our bit by educating and empowering developers all over the world about Drupal and other open source tools that can help developers accomplish their goals.

I’ll be helping Acquia provide more information and learning for developers. Follow me in this space in the coming weeks and months, and I’ll work to make building your Drupal knowledge easier, and maybe a bit more fun. Together, we can help continue to make the open source dream a reality.

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