New white paper: "The Drupal-Powered Enterprise"

Guest post by Geoffrey Bock, author of "The Drupal-Powered Enterprise".

Across the Drupal community, we all know that “Drupal rocks.” But for enterprise decision makers, the more pressing issues revolve around how to benefit from their IT investments.

Today, Acquia published a white paper on the Drupal-Powered Enterprise. We’re focusing on one important concern: managing interactive experiences across multiple websites. We’ve identified three ways to capitalize on Drupal as a unified platform for cost-effective web experience management:

  • Multi-tenant, where Drupal delivers multiple experiences through a single website.
  • Hybrid, where Drupal relies on a single distribution to provide a consistent collection of features, but provides each site its own database.
  • Multi-instance, where each site runs on its own database and Drupal code, maintained by a unified deployment environment.

Developers have a choice about how best to build and evolve the Drupal-powered experiences across the enterprise. We hope this report will serve as a guide for harnessing the flexibility and extensibility of Drupal. Let us know what you think.