Node.js and Headless Drupal on Acquia Cloud

The press release went out this morning with the headline, Acquia Debuts Node.js and Headless Drupal on Acquia Cloud.

The subhed: "Company Expands Upon Drupal Cloud Solutions for Web and Flexible Content Applications."

The news: Acquia today unveiled a new application service for Acquia Cloud that makes it easy for digital IT teams to build and run JavaScript alongside Drupal. Acquia Cloud now supports the use of Node.js in addition to Drupal.

Why it's important: Developers will now be able to leverage tools enabling continuous delivery and integration across Node.js and Drupal from one user interface. IT professionals benefit from one secure, compliant cloud for Drupal, decoupled Drupal, and JavaScript. Developers gain a single platform that supports their preferred development language and tools to ensure application quality. 

Acquia CTO (and Drupal creator and Project Lead) Dries Buytaert added some helpful context to this development in a blog post.

Here's what the User Interface looks like: node-js-on-acquia-cloud.jpg

Documentation: Node.js and Acquia Cloud