Powered by Drupal: Sports Brands Deliver Incredible Digital Experiences

If you’re a diehard sports fan, every season brings excitement -- a summer night at the ballpark for an MLB game, a winter evening sitting court-side to catch the NBA in action. Over the years, technology has allowed sports fans to get closer and closer to the action -- from high definition TV experiences in the comfort of their own living rooms, to tweeting while they’re at the game or engaging in fan forums online. With the growing age of digital, leagues have been able to grow their brands immeasurably, including beefing up their online presence, offerings, and fan interactivity.

As leagues continue to expand and grow, and the digital sporting world becomes both more competitive and more active, many league stakeholders are considering the next best steps for optimizing their online presence.

Some of the biggest sporting leagues around the globe run their websites off of Drupal. Nascar, the NBA, NFL, MLS, NCAA. Even the likes of the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, and the Olympics run off of the open-source content management system, which has become the chosen platform for global athletic organizations.

sports on drupal

So what makes Drupal so powerful as a web content management system? Here are a few of the key highlights:

  • Multi-site Management Capabilities - give brands the ability to manage multiple sites from one simple, unified dashboard
  • Team Templates - great for leagues, like the NBA or NFL, who want to standardize the team page experience while allowing for individual team branding
  • Guaranteed Uptime - give brands the ability to scale up and down depending on game and event-based website traffic spikes
  • Creative Freedom - to express the brand experience both at the league level and at the team level
  • Fan Engagement Tools - allow brands to integrate with a whole ecosystem of modules, APIs, and third-party services

Drupal has a community of 1.5 million people, and it’s completely free to download and use under license. Plus, with a community of 20,000+ active contributors, there’s always help when you need it.