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The Waterwheel Ecosystem

an actual waterwheel
Posted by Preston So on Oct 04, 2016
In my previous blog post in this Waterwheel series, I detailed the basics of Waterwheel.js: how to set it up in server-side or client-side JavaScript, and how resource discovery can bring Drupal-backed applications and traditional Drupal implementations closer together in unprecedented ways. In...
Posted by Preston So on Sep 30, 2016
For developers of Drupal-backed JavaScript applications, simply having an HTTP client which can make requests against Drupal 8’s core REST API is often not enough. JavaScript developers are sometimes stymied by nuances unique to Drupal which leak out when consuming Drupal’s REST API, such as Drupal...
actual waterwheel
Posted by Preston So on Aug 29, 2016
Special thanks to Kyle Browning for contributions to this blog post. As Drupal is increasingly widely used as a back end for application ecosystems, developers of wildly diverse backgrounds are now retrieving and manipulating data from Drupal in unprecedented ways. With Drupal 8 and core REST...