This Week in Drupal Core: October 3, 2013

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The most notable Drupal core news since last time around is DrupalCon Prague happened, with lots of Drupal 8 sessions, sprints, and all-around goodness.

Dozens of core developers spent over 30 hours in 20 dedicated brainstorms and deep-dives to solve hard problems in Drupal 8 core, focusing on three critical areas: Drupal 8 API completion, developer experience (DX), and performance. The notes from these talks can be found at and are making their way to the issue queue.

And, of course, lots and lots of sprinting! There were 120+ sprinters on Monday, before the conference even started, which required folks to sprint on the floor since we ran out of tables and chairs. :) Friday's sprints sported hundreds more, in both the main contribution sprint room and the Get Involved with Core Sprint, and about 30 hardcore folks even stayed the weekend past the conference. The RTBC queue for Drupal 8 core was 170+ issues by Monday.

100s of people in the sprint room on Friday

Photo credit: Amazee Labs

DrupalCon was also a time of taking a step back and looking at what we can do better process-wise going forward, during Core Conversations such as D8 lessons learned and how we can make D9 better and Future-friendly evolution and the Drupal release cycle. Funding was also a hot topic, as we seek to make core development more sustainable. Entity/Field API developer Yves Chedemois was able to successfully raise funds for a new laptop in about 24 hours! As a community, we should also be proud that Drupal 8 co-maintainer Alex Pott continues to hold the #1 spot of Gittip recipients, and we'd love to see more contributions flow his way to give him more time to keep Drupal 8 commits humming along before he needs to resume employment somewhere.

The community also put in significant effort to ramp up work on tools and materials to help upgrade modules to Drupal 8, including:

And, as a cherry on top of the "make Drupal 8 easier to upgrade to" sundae, Dries announced during the Drupal 8 Leadership Q&A session that Drupal 8 will provide a migration path from both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites, as well as provide the "core" of Migrate module out of the box, in order to support other migration paths in the future!

There are many opportunities in the above links to get involved, so if you want to get a start on the Drupal 8 learning curve early, and help others through the hump as well, please jump in!

Notable Commits

The best of git log --since "2 weeks ago" --pretty=oneline (147 commits in total):

Drupal 8 Around the Interwebs

Blog posts about Drupal 8 and how much it's going to rock your face.

Drupal 8 in "Real Life"

Events coming up in the next couple of weeks that have a decent amount of content dedicated to Drupal 8 include:

Whew! That's a wrap!

Lots of headway on really tough problems, and expect more big patches to land as the RTBC queue slowly recovers from DrupalCon Prague.