Well, Hello Drupal!

hello drupal!

Drupal is growing!

At Acquia, we're very proud of Drupal's growth, however, it does mean that companies and organizations are challenged to build their teams. We're excited that we can offer such great news to those who are anxious about finding meaningful careers. From government agencies, to small companies; from boutique development shops to large agencies; with roles in project management, development, design, sales... Drupal really has so much to offer. This is awesome news in this current economic climate, all over the world: Drupal offers excellent careers with innovative software in all scales and sectors.

Let's grow Drupal!

Growing Drupal talent is a serious priority for Acquia. We're keen to support both our clients and partners in finding the best candidates to bring their great ideas to life. We're starting small, with a one day event in March to test a model where we'll open our doors, and give participants a peek inside the Drupal community, and also a chance to try out Drupal. We hope to create a model which our partners can repeat in their local areas, and even point to different sectors. Look out for more such events happening around the globe. If you're currently an Acquia partner and want to find out more, please contact us: [email protected]

Curious about Drupal?

This event will be partly recruitment for the community, and also a chance to see what Drupal is like. During this workshop you will experience using Drupal, and learn about the community as well. We'll tell you about the kinds of jobs available, and how you can determine which is right for you. You'll also talk to professional developers who work at Acquia, and find out what it's like to be at a busy start up. And you'll get to use Drupal and see how it works, and understand why so many companies, organizations and agencies are using it.

Pass it on!

If you're already familiar with Drupal, please send on this link to someone who you think might be interested: http://hellodrupal-march2011.eventbrite.com/