Acquia Developer Certification

There is a growing and flourishing open-source Drupal web development world today and also a vast need for Acquia products, services and expertise to help meed this demand.

Businesses that utilize Drupal are seeking more expertise in the workplace and a way to help them validate the skills and knowledge of these professionals. Acquia's clients and partners are also in need of such a global program, which can provide pillar to their efforts and programs.
This new class certification program will meet the needs of the industry, advance the use of Drupal and leverage the expertise and leadership of Acquia in this expanding global business. Earning Acquia Certifications will gain you visibility and credibility for your experience and expertise and help you and your organization establish a leadership position within the Drupal community and with Acquia products.

Acquia Certification will validate your skills and knowledge that focus on open source web development and Acquia products and services.

  • Establish your credibility and expertise with your peers
  • Give you more visibility within the marketplace (see Registry and Grand Master Registry)
  • Provide you with a formal certification in a dynamic field

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The Developers Path

In our research and analysis on Drupal Developers, we saw how a rounded skills and knowledge set made for a better developer. We created our first exam, the Acquia Certified Developer, as a core exam that cut across Site Builder, Front and Back end along with web development to address this.

This exam will identify strengths and weaknesses, and the test objectives will show you where to focus. There is self-study material (eBook plus blogs), as well as four day instructor led course. This course requires six months of experience to fully take advantage of the lab based courseware which will help you in job and at the same time help you prepare for Acquia Certified Developer exam.
The Acquia Certified Developer Front end and Back end Specialist exams take a focused dive into these areas of specialization. The new Acquia Certified Grand Master credential is awarded to those who pass these three developer focused exams in the 2014-15 calendar years. Yearly requirements will be posted to achieve and maintain this status.

For those who have achieved Grand Master status, we believe they will be a tremendous asset to any Drupal project.
For anyone interested in the Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder exam, click here.


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