Drupal has the best web APIs of any CMS

That means it’s the best CMS use for building mobile and decoupled apps.

Drupal Core ships with JSON:API, which enables developers to easily interact with nearly all Drupal data in a machine readable way. It is “the most feature-complete and easiest-to-use JSON:API implementation in existence.”

Drupal’s web API responses are chock-full of well-organized and useful information. Information that enables you to build an API implementation (e.g., website frontend, mobile app, widget, etc.) that won’t need to be rewritten later. One that doesn’t need to duplicate the business logic that’s in the backend. One that won’t break when API URLs change. An implementation that lets the front end application learn what it needs to know about the back end on its own, so that you (the developer) don’t have to.

What makes Drupal’s web APIs the best?

In a comparison of JSON:API, GraphQL, and Typical REST API, JSON:API comes out on top in a few critical categories:


Drupal’s JSON:API


Typical REST API

Request efficiency

Documentation, API explorability and schema

✔ w/ JSON:API Explorer, Schema, and Hypermedia

Operational simplicity


Ease of writing data


These capabilities allow you to build a powerful and resilient application with Drupal’s web APIs. But, don’t take our word for it. You can explore Drupal’s web APIs right from your browser, right now.

Explore Drupal’s JSON:API now!

Use the JSON:API Explorer below to explore a live Drupal site running Acquia Lightning. Build API requests interactively by selecting the fieldsfilters, sort criteria, or related data to include. Your interactions will dynamically update the request URL, which you could then copy and paste into your own software to easily begin interacting with Drupal's APIs.

JSON:API Explorer