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Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8
Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8

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Everything You Need to Know About the Top Changes in Drupal 8
Everything You Need to Know About the Top Changes in Drupal 8

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The Big Reverse of the Web [July 21, 2015]
The Big Reverse of the Web [July 21, 2015]

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white house
Posted by Barrett Smith on Oct 14, 2016
Today, Jason Goldman, Chief Digital Officer of the White House, announced that the White House is open-sourcing a Drupal module that will enable Drupal 8 developers to quickly launch a Facebook Messenger bot. The goal, Goldman said, is to make it easier for citizens to message the President via...
Posted by Dries Buytaert on Oct 05, 2016
In the past, after every major release of Drupal, most innovation would shift to two areas: (1) contributed modules for the current release, and (2) core development work on the next major release of Drupal. This innovation model was the direct result of several long-standing policies, including...
an actual waterwheel
Posted by Preston So on Oct 04, 2016
In my previous blog post in this Waterwheel series, I detailed the basics of Waterwheel.js: how to set it up in server-side or client-side JavaScript, and how resource discovery can bring Drupal-backed applications and traditional Drupal implementations closer together in unprecedented ways. In...
Posted by Preston So on Sep 30, 2016
For developers of Drupal-backed JavaScript applications, simply having an HTTP client which can make requests against Drupal 8’s core REST API is often not enough. JavaScript developers are sometimes stymied by nuances unique to Drupal which leak out when consuming Drupal’s REST API, such as Drupal...
Posted by Michael Meyers on Sep 29, 2016
The Tech Talks at Acquia Engage have always been among the most popular sessions, so I’m excited to announce that for Acquia’s upcoming Engage 2016 conference (Nov 1-3 in Boston) we’ve more than doubled the number of Tech Talks. We recently released the final list of sessions, and there are twelve...
bug on keyboard
Posted by Lubomir Culen on Sep 06, 2016
Before you read this, you should review a previous installment of this series: Debugging Drupal 8 in PhpStorm: Local Web-based Debugging in Mac OS X, Acquia Dev Desktop 2, and XDebug. The reason is that PhpStorm stores a lot of settings automatically when debugging is invoked from the browser for a...
actual waterwheel
Posted by Preston So on Aug 29, 2016
Special thanks to Kyle Browning for contributions to this blog post. As Drupal is increasingly widely used as a back end for application ecosystems, developers of wildly diverse backgrounds are now retrieving and manipulating data from Drupal in unprecedented ways. With Drupal 8 and core REST...
Posted by Lubomir Culen on Aug 25, 2016
Lots of people think that template engines like Twig cannot be interactively debugged. I heard this several times as an argument against template engine, and for using legacy php processing like phptemplate (standard in Drupal 7). Well, it’s not entirely true. And even more, debugging Twig is not...
abstract image
Posted by Preston So on Aug 22, 2016
Progressive decoupling, a concept outlined last year in Dries Buytaert’s first post about decoupled Drupal, is a compelling approach to building Drupal's front end where content editors, site assemblers, and front-end developers maintain contiguous experiences. For content editors and site...
Posted by Ryan Dekker on Aug 18, 2016
At ClikFocus, we have been following and playing with Drupal 8 for more than a year. This led to our decision to build on Drupal 8; it really forced us to dig in and experience some of the coolest features that Drupal 8 has to offer and we wanted to get our feet wet. We knew that if...