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The Big Reverse of the Web [July 21, 2015]
The Big Reverse of the Web [July 21, 2015]

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Matthew Grasmick and Jeff Geerling presented on Composer and Drupal at DrupalCon Nashville.
Posted by Jeff Geerling on Apr 19, 2018
Fellow Acquian Matthew Grasmick and I just presented How to build a Drupal site with Composer AND keep all of your hair at DrupalCon Nashville, and though the session wasn't recorded, we posted the slides and hands-on guide to using Composer to manage your Drupal 8 sites to the linked session page...
Posted by Preston So on Apr 18, 2018
As the weather heated up last week in Nashville and the city's eponymous hot chicken incinerated tongues left and right, something else was burning in the spotlight at DrupalCon Nashville: decoupled Drupal. The Music City Center played host to the Drupal community and a coterie of developers,...
Acquia Decoupled Starter Kit for React image
Posted by Jason Enter on Apr 09, 2018
About the Decoupled Starter Kit The Professional Services team at Acquia is thrilled to announce the first release of the Acquia Decoupled Starter Kit for React. The Starter Kit includes three separate applications to demonstrate various Headless Drupal design patterns: a React application based on...
Experience Express
Posted by Preston So on Mar 29, 2018
Perhaps the most critical piece of any decoupled CMS architecture is the API layer which exposes data in the back end for consumption by other applications. In Drupal's case, the REST module (also known as the RESTful Web Services module) in Drupal 8 core fulfills this responsibility. The REST...
Posted by Drew Webber on Mar 28, 2018
Easy-to-guess passwords are all too often the means by which intruders gain unauthorised access. It's useful to be able to audit the passwords in use on your site - especially for user accounts with administrative privileges. Ideally your Drupal site should have a robust (but user friendly)...
experience express
Posted by Preston So on Mar 22, 2018
With its flurry of sessions, events, concerts, and exhibitors, it's a wonder anyone gets any sleep at SXSW, the giant gathering of minds, auteurs, and performers in the capital of Texas. Here in Austin, there's always a sense that everyone is on the verge of the next big discovery, whether that's...
experience express graphic
Posted by Preston So on Mar 20, 2018
If you have decided to decouple Drupal, after conducting due diligence with regard to assessing the risks and rewards of decoupling Drupal and understanding how best to decouple Drupal in 2018, it is essential to understand how web services in Drupal 8 core and their dependencies undergird all...
experience express graphic
Posted by Preston So on Mar 16, 2018
Every time I leave the Windy City, I feel something pulling me back. This time, it wasn't the gusts that whip around the skyscrapers towering over Lake Shore Drive. Instead, it was the renewed excitement I could feel in the air on the heels of last Wednesday's release of Drupal 8.5, and the mood at...
Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash
Posted by Preston So on Mar 06, 2018
Perhaps the most fascinating single fact of the Cambrian explosion is that life on Earth diversified from largely unicellular organisms that occasionally bunched into colonies to multicellular organisms that came to represent much of the present-day animal kingdom — all at a single discernible...
Photo by Pana Vasquez on Unsplash
Posted by David P. Butler on Mar 01, 2018
According to the Stack Overflow 2017 Developer Survey, the most loved development framework is React, and the most wanted is Node.js. Another hot discussion with digital experience developers is the need for a Headless CMS as a shared content service for React and JavaScript applications. Front-end...