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Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8
Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8

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Everything You Need to Know About the Top Changes in Drupal 8
Everything You Need to Know About the Top Changes in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is on the way. And we know you want to know -- what does this mean for me?! 

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The Big Reverse of the Web [July 21, 2015]
The Big Reverse of the Web [July 21, 2015]

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Posted by Leah Wagner on Jan 12, 2017
This summer we were excited to launch a new website for Scanse. After they impressively fulfilled their Kickstarter funding, The Jibe was brought on board to develop their new website. After assessing their short and long term needs, we decided to move full steam ahead with developing their site...
Drupal Media Logo
Posted by Sam Mortenson on Jan 09, 2017
Last month, eight companies collaborated in Berlin to bring media to Drupal core during a week-long code sprint. The work done was part of the Media Initiative, which is an effort to support advanced media use cases in Drupal core. This encompasses many features including external embeds from...
black hole
Posted by Preston So on Dec 21, 2016
Among the most crucial steps in architecting decoupled Drupal-backed applications is to bridge the gap between Drupal and the designated front end so that the latter can receive and manipulate data on the Drupal data repository via API calls. For some frameworks, this can be a rather tedious...
gulp watch running on a Bootstrap 3 theme on a BLT project
Posted by Jeff Geerling on Dec 15, 2016
For a recent project, I needed to use the popular Bootstrap theme, using the Sass starterkit for easy CSS management. The project is hosted on Acquia Cloud, and the quickest way to start a new Drupal project that deploys to Acquia Cloud is to use BLT (a tool for Building, Testing, and Launching...
black hole
Posted by Preston So on Dec 14, 2016
Decoupled Drupal has long been an approach touted by some in the front-end contingent of the Drupal community to achieve goals such as a better user experience, a more modern front-end developer experience, and clearer separation of concerns. Though I’ve written previously on the risks and rewards...
Nida Ismail Shah
Posted by Jeffrey McGuire on Dec 13, 2016
Drupal gets better when companies, organizations, and individuals build or fix something they need and then share it with the rest of us. Our community becomes better, stronger, and smarter when others take it upon themselves to make a positive difference contributing their knowledge, time, and...
lightning image
Posted by DC Denison on Dec 08, 2016
With Acquia Lightning, site-builders or developers can build an authoring experience from the ground up in only a few hours. Think of Acquia Lightning as “Drupal Core with afterburners.” Development tasks that used to take days or weeks are condensed to a matter of minutes. At Acquia Engage 2016,...
acquia academy drop
Posted by DC Denison on Dec 07, 2016
It’s one of the hottest tools in the Drupal 8 toolkit: the Migrate API, now part of Drupal 8 Core. If you know how to use it, you can dramatically improve how quickly and efficiently you can upgrade a site to Drupal 8. In addition, you can use it to build regular, repeatable migrations in Drupal 8...
acquia academy drop
Posted by DC Denison on Dec 02, 2016
If you, or a colleague, is wondering about why "community" is an important part of the Drupal experience, this course could be a good way to introduce the topic. Because community is an underlying theme that runs through many of the 20+ segments that make up the course. The section on Modules is a...
acquia academy drop
Posted by DC Denison on Nov 29, 2016
FFW, the mega digital agency, is offering a free, two-hour course for business technology and marketing decision makers who want a compressed intro to Drupal with the added benefit of a live instructor. The class focuses on Drupal’s core concepts so organizations can get the most out of the...