Drupal 10 deprecation error details

Call to deprecated method pass() of class Drupal​\​KernelTests​\​KernelTestBase. Deprecated in drupal:8.0.0 and is removed from drupal:10.0.0. PHPUnit interrupts a test as soon as a test assertion fails, so there is usually no need to call this method. If a test's logic relies on this method, refactor the test.

Occurence count Affected project count Occurs in a top X project by usage Category
17 7 50 Drupal API, rector covered
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Project Top X by usage Occurrences Sort ascending
flag 4.x-dev 200 9
monitoring 1.x-dev 10000 3
paragraphs 1.x-dev 50 1
potx 1.x-dev 10000 1
fraction 2.x-dev 10000 1
past 1.x-dev 10000 1
custom_field_base 1.0.x-dev 10000 1

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