Drupal 10 deprecation error details

Call to deprecated function drupal_get_module_schema(). Deprecated in drupal:9.2.0 and is removed from drupal:10.0.0. No direct replacement is provided. Testing classes could use Drupal​\​TestTools​\​Extension​\​SchemaInspector for introspection.

Occurence count Affected project count Occurs in a top X project by usage Category
12 6 10000 Drupal API, not rector covered
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Project Top X by usage Occurrences Sort ascending
simpletest 3.x-dev 10000 5
acknowledgements 1.x-dev 10000 2
denormalizer 1.x-dev 10000 2
shorten 2.x-dev 10000 1
searchindex_wipe 1.x-dev 10000 1
tether_stats 1.x-dev 10000 1

Results are from dataset #9198 from 2023-01-22T15:05. Report is ran by the Drupal Association regularly.