Filter errors
Total occurrences Sort ascending Total affected Topmost group Category Message Filtered occurrences Filtered affected
5935 4861 projects 50 info.yml/composer.json Add core_version_requirement: ^8 || ^9 to designate that the module is compatible with Drupal 9. See 10000 1 project
99 54 projects 1000 Covered by rector Call to deprecated method strlen() of class Drupal​\​Component​\​Utility​\​Unicode. Deprecated in drupal:8.6.0 and is removed from drupal:9.0.0. Use mb_strlen() instead. 10000 1 project
4 2 projects 10000 Not covered by rector Call to deprecated function entity_render_cache_clear(). Deprecated in drupal:8.7.0 and is removed from drupal:9.0.0. Instead, use Drupal​\​Core​\​Entity​\​EntityViewBuilderInterface::resetCache() on the required entity types or invalidate specific cache tags. 10000 1 project