Building Drupal 8 Sites with Composer and Configuration Management

September 7, 2016 1:00 pm

Composer, Drush, Git, and Configuration Management all work together to make the Drupal 8 site development and management process faster, more efficient, and less error prone. With the right knowledge of these tools, site-building and management can become a lot simpler.

This webinar will cover the advanced site-building tools and techniques available to Drupal 8 site-builders. We’ll focus on how to build and maintain a site with Composer, as well as how to use Configuration Management to push changes from a local environment to a production one. Other topics will include:

  • How to install Drupal 8 with Composer (and what to do differently on local and production)
  • Ways to manage package versions using Composer and Git
  • Using Git to move local configuration to a production environment
  • How to use the official Drupal Packagist repo, scheduled to release January 2017
    And more!