Decoupled Drupal Showcase: Using Drupal to Power Digital Signage


Digital signage can be a great way to extend your organization’s reach, moving your content and your brand beyond the typical website experience. Leveraging the strength of its full-featured CMS against the front-end possibilities of a client-side framework like Ember or AngularJS, Drupal's role in the evolving content ecosystem of the web is becoming more and more prominent. For organizations with an existing Drupal platform, the choice to build Drupal into new content-driven digital experiences is even more compelling.

In this tech talk, Brian Reese, Senior Developer at Acquia, will present a case study along with a few lightweight technical examples of decoupled Drupal and digital signage. We will cover:

  • Some of the UI/UX challenges around adapting an existing body of content to a brand new medium
  • A simple Drupal web service example
  • How JSON API and other strategies can help standardize data from multiple sources
  • How decoupled implementations are bringing new possibilities to Drupal applications


Acquia, Inc.