PHP 7.4 End of Life Resources

PHP. 7.4 is coming to an end of life on October 2022. You have a few options to keep your application secure.

Keeping your application secure and up to date is an important part of application maintenance.

Due to end of security compliance for PHP 7.4  Acquia Cloud applications will be upgraded to PHP 8.1 automatically as part of regular maintenance, as communicated to customers by email.

  • Do you need more time? Acquia is offering the option to purchase extended Long-Term Support for PHP 7.4 for Cloud Platform Enterprise, Acquia Site Factory applications, and Cloud Platform Professional applications in an effort to provide additional time for our customers to make the transition to a supported version of Drupal and to PHP 8.x. Entitlement must be in place by October 1st 2022.
  • Do you need assistance in the PHP Upgrade? Contact your Account manager about Acquia's Professional Services PHP Upgrade Assistance package. Acquia Professional Services can assist in upgrading your Drupal Core version and PHP version to a security compliant version. 
  • Do you want to upgrade yourself? If you choose to upgrade your PHP version yourself, Acquia recommends  you should upgrade your non-production applications to test for any incompatibilities in your application. We recommend beginning with your non-production upgrades as soon as possible to ensure you have time to test, prior to upgrading your production application. Once you have resolved any incompatibilities, upgrade your production environment before the end-of-life deadline. See Configuring PHP settings for instructions on changing your PHP version.

If your application is facing compatibility issues that are preventing your upgrade to PHP 8.x or higher, Acquia recommends upgrading your application's Drupal version to ensure that your application remains secure and functional. If you are in need of assistance to upgrade your Drupal application, please contact your account manager in order to discuss ways our Professional Services team could provide additional support through an engagement. See Drupal Core Compatibility Versions below. 

What to do next?  PHP 7.4 is coming to an end of life. What do we do?

PHP 8.0 compatibility by Drupal Core version

    Applications using Drupal 7.x will need to upgrade their Drupal core to Drupal 7.79 or higher in order to upgrade from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0. Some modules designed for Drupal 7 may be incompatible with PHP 8.0. More information regarding Drupal 7.x compatibility with PHP 8.0 please see the documentation available on

    Drupal 7.79 core requires this community contrib patch to be PHP 8.0 compatible and does not account for other contrib modules. Acquia recommends you use a code sniffer like PHP compatibility to check your contrib and custom code before upgrading. 

    As Drupal 8.x has reached its end of life with, no version of Drupal 8.x is compatible with PHP 8.x. If an application is still utilizing Drupal 8.x, it will need to be upgraded to Drupal 9.1 or higher in order to upgrade from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.x or you will need to purchase long-term support for PHP 7.4. Please contact your account manager in order to discuss these options as needed.

    Applications using Drupal 9.x will need to upgrade their Drupal core to Drupal 9.1 or higher in order to upgrade from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.x. More information regarding Drupal 9.x compatibility with PHP 8.x please see the documentation available on

    For customers who intend to upgrade their Drupal core to Drupal 10 in the future Acquia recommends updating to PHP 8.1 over PHP 8.0 as PHP 8.1 or higher is required to complete upgrading your Drupal core to Drupal 10. More information can be found or our Drupal 10 resource page.