100: Low cost, high value - come to BADCamp!

I spoke with two members of the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) 2013 organizing team, Anne Stefanyk and David Hwang.

  • What: Bay Area Drupal Camp - One of the oldest (7 years and still going strong!), biggest (1500+ attended in 2012), and freest (tickets are still a very open-source-friendly zero dollars!) Drupal events around.
  • When: October 24-27, 2013
  • Where: UC Berkeley, California
  • More info: http://2013.badcamp.net

David Hwang on the secret of BADCamp's success

"Northern California has a lot to do with it. There's a density of technology interest, business, and talent here. That contributes massively to the concentration of people that come ... The weather is really nice, it's a beautiful campus, it's completely free ..."

"If you're just getting into Drupal, if you want to figure out what Drupal is or if you just need that extra community jolt, BADCamp is the alternative! We're trying to keep it community-focused. It's more about the developers and empowering new developers. It's about introducing people to the community. It's much less Bizdev and it's much more developer focused."

Anne Stefanyk on the Magic at BADCamp

"I'm really excited about keeping the camp accessible and free and also about how much training we can offer to let people test the waters and try things out." She explains how the extensive program of industry-specific summits, "allow great cooperation between specific verticals."

"We see a lot of people come to BADCamp because it is affordable, because it is accessible, because it's in a really cool area, a technical hub. We're seeing more and more community contributions come together. There are a lot of independent sprints that are run, a lot of companies tack on other events to BADCamp, making our efforts balloon out bigger and have the synergy of people coming together and really collaborating."

"The theme this year is magic. If we all work hard, you'd be surprised at what we can create. Last year, Twig got put into Drupal 8's core thank's to Jen's efforts, we did a lot of big sprints; I'm really excited to see the community come together and create the magic that we do online."

Insider tip

The vegan donuts are waaay too good. You can't stop at just one. And don't skip the official party.