115: First Camp, First Patch! Thank you, Manuela Hutter!

Thank you! - Talking with a first-time Drupal contributor. I think this is some kind of proof of the appeal of the Drupal project and welcoming nature of our community: Manuela Hutter came to Drupal Camp Vienna – her first Drupal Community event – and was already working on a patch at the sprints on day three, mentored by the inimitable Ruben Teijeiro.

Note: I apologise for some audio issues in this recording.

Q: What are you going to tell people about how things work in the Drupal project?

A: The perception of the community as being very friendly and nice. It's really easy to be drawn into the movement here. Otherwise I wouldn't be here, I'd think 'I'm a n00b. What am I doing here?' If it wasn't for the community and the people saying, 'Yeah! Come on!' ... I think I feel more confident about being a site builder for this project and more confident of actually pulling this off. The first thing you always hear is about the steep learning curve, but now it feels alright.

Q: Were you able to pick up stuff that will be directly useful [when you go back to work on your company's Drupal project] on Monday?

A: I think so, yeah. That's pretty cool.

Q: You know you're a Drupalist when ...

A: You've involved yourself in the community in some way.