119: Janez Urevc on Media in Drupal 8

I spoke with Slovenian Drupalist-extraordinary Janez Urevc at Drupal Camp Vienna 2013. Alongside being a Drupal developer at examiner.com, he is also a major force in everything media+Drupal. Janez is slashrsm on Drupal.org, Twitter and "all the other online services you can imagine." He's on the team planning Drupal Camp Alpe-Adria 2014, which will be in the beautiful Slovenian resort town of Portoroz in May. Knowing the wonderful Drupal community in Slovenia and the region around it and the fantastic location, I highly recommend this camp!

Compare Drupal now to when you got started

"It's ... better!" :-)

Janez is a man of few words, but they're to the point. He is also kind enough to go into more detail after giving his summaries.

What's your favorite thing about Drupal?

"People. Events. Energy."

"I remember when I was at my first DrupalCon ever, in Copenhagen and I came to a sprint." If you weren't there, it was a huge, open space filled with people working on code everywhere. "I saw this [huge number] of people working for the entire day. It was just before the Drupal 7 release. Everybody was stressed; everybody was trying to get things done ... Similar to the situation now going on for Drupal 8 ... It just fascinated me, the positive energy driving this crowd. That's something I really like in this community. "

Drupal 8 and media

Janez spoke on the Core Conversation track at DrupalCon Prague. His talk was called "Let's fix file and media handling once and for all." "We have great solutions for media in Drupal 7 right now and we had great solutions in Drupal 6, but we're still not there yet." People complain about various aspects of the solutions. "My point in Prague was that this is the perfect time to start preparing media for Drupal 8. D8 is still in development. We have time to think about the changes we want to introduce. And time to implement stuff. A great conversation emerged." The group involved went on to dedicating the entire Friday sprint to planning how to make this vision a reality. Here is the report on the Drupal 8 Media Sprint at DrupalCon Prague.

What are you mot excited about in Drupal 8?

"Everybody says CMI and this is one of the biggest improvements. I'd also say as a developer, I really like the APIs and how things are structured in Drupal 8. All of my friends, colleagues, and coworkers are saying, 'We can't wait to start using Drupal8! We want to work on projects now!' I'm happy I'm seeing people excited about it."

Describe being part of the Drupal community

I love this answer and have the same feeling: "Feeling that you're welcome everywhere you go." /warmfuzzymoment