120: Ruben Teijeiro explains why Drupal is easy

This week's podcast is parts of a fun conversation I had with Ruben Teijeiro at Drupal Camp Vienna in December 2013. I "borrowed" him from mentoring Manuela Hutter at the code sprint to talk with me, but in the end, they both still managed to get a lot done that weekend. Thanks for your contributions, folks!

Ruben's description of himself on his Twitter page says a lot about this energetic, Spanish contributor. "/** Drupal Mercenary **/ drupal_set_job('[email protected]'); Front-end, Back-end, WTF-end… I can fix it!"

Big Drupal

Ruben talks about working on Drupal for a large enterprise company, "This is the biggest project I have ever worked on. It's exciting to know that big companies like Ericsson are making an effort to work with open source projects and with Drupal. They are happy. The feedback I have from the business team is that they are happy with the project, performance and everything."

"I worked on projects for Unicef. It's good that you know that Unicef is built with Drupal and other big sites are built with Drupal. For me, I am so proud of that."

Community Drupal

Ruben is an active mentor, contributor and a community fanatic. The first memory of Drupal he described to me was how excited he got when he figured out how easy it is to contribute code to Drupal. "I learned how to deal with the issue queue and I learned how to send my first module, how to contribute some translations. and I said, 'Oh! I can contribute so easily in this project!' Then I started to meet people and I went to my first Drupal event. For me, the best experience is knowing you can have friends and that you are part of something that is big."

"To me Drupal is like a family to me, like a family in the online world."

Drupal is easy - you will aways find the answer

I was slightly taken aback when Ruben told me that everyone should know that "Drupal is not complicated. It has this stigma that it is complicated." Then he explained, making a couple of important points: "The thing is, Drupal is easy for a site-builder. You need some learning, but it is not hard. And Drupal for development, okay, some things are hard, but you have people to ask, so it's easy ... For example, when I was working with other systems, I tried to Google something, I didn't find anything. Then I tried to find somebody to ask and never found anyone. With the Drupal community, the easy way is to go to IRC and ask somebody and you will always find an answer. If you don't find the answer on Drupal.org or wherever, just go to IRC and you will always find the answer."

He says his two biggest mentors in Drupal are Jesse Beach and Cathy Theys.