133: Marek Sotak: Get off the phone - Helping users through better UX and tools

Get off the phone - Helping users through better UX and tools

In the podcast, Marek and I talk a little about his history in Drupal and technology and I introduce the idea of jam's (virtual) Drupal Camp. In his presentation, Marek Sotak, founder of Inline Manual and longtime Drupal developer, talks about giving your clients and site visitors the help they need without sacrificing all your productive time in the very first session of jam's Drupal Camp!

"What's this jam's Drupal Camp all about?" I hear you ask? Read this kickoff announcement and call for sessions!

Podcast interview

Get off the phone: Helping users through better UX and tools

Does this ever happen to you? You hand over a site that you have just built to your client and then the phone starts ringing ...

  • You: Hello, how can I help you?
  • Client: I can't login to my site.
  • You: Are you sure you used the right password? ...


  • Client: How do I add an article again?
  • You: Are you logged in in the admin interface? ...


  • Client: The picture I just uploaded looks wrong.
  • You: What site are you on? Which content type are you editing? Is this for a block? Are you looking at a view or the node?
  • Client: Um ...

Marek Sotak faced these situations regularly while building client sites and one day decided enough was enough. He started looking for solutions and interviewed many companies and individuals who build websites.

He gained valuable information and insight into how others handle helping clients and end-users after their projects have launched. Many have tried screencasts, making manuals filled with screenshots, and other options, but none of them had any proven solution or consistent processes in place. Given the lack of reliable or measurable success, most don't offer documentation at all anymore. Instead, they have given up and simply provide their phone number to their clients. This comes at the cost of being on the phone a lot, and losing productive time when they could be working on their next project.

In this session, we will look at:

  • the results of Marek's research and experience looking for solutions
  • how small UX changes can change user perception and behaviour
  • what tools there are that can help make our clients and ourselves more productive

Session video

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