134: Amitai Burstein: Zariz - Continuous Deployment for Content

I got the chance a while back to speak with Amitai Burstein, CTO of Gizra - a boutique development shop in Tel Aviv creating advanced web applications using Drupal, along with Node.js, Jekyll and other technologies. Amitai is the maintainer of key Drupal modules such as Organic Groups, Message and Entity Reference, and contributes to Drupal core. He showed off Gizra's intriguing solution to content deployment in Drupal in this jam's Drupal Camp session: Zariz. I was impressed! You might be, too.

"What's this jam's Drupal Camp all about?" I hear you ask? Read this kickoff announcement and call for sessions!

Podcast interview

Zariz - Continuous Deployment for Content

Zarizis an open source Drupal module developed by Gizra that brings the worlds of version control and continuous deployment to the world of content. Check out Zariz on Drupal.org and on GitHub.

Zariz lets you create content in branches, and then merge them, resolve conflicts, and so on – allowing writers, editors, and other content creators the same flexibility and control over their work that developers have had with code for years now.

Similar to continuous deployment development methodologies, this functionality enables you to test-publish stories and see how they appear on all of your site's various pages (e.g. homepage, story page, section page, top stories, etc.). If all is well, they can be published to the live site with a single click, and no nasty surprises.

This session will show you:

  • How to make your Drupal site at least 5x faster
  • The unspoken problem of big online publication and eCommerce sites
  • The value of understanding best practices and how Git changed the way we think

Session video

Session slides