148: Help Adam and Angie build the Drupal Module Upgrader!

This week: Meet Adam "phenaproxima" Hoenich! Learn what the Drupal Module Upgrader can do for you! And what you can do for it! Come to Webchick's BoF at DrupalCon Amsterdam! Contribute!

I sat down with Adam at Acquia HQ in Burlington Massachusetts to talk about the Drupal Module Upgrader. Adam is currently an intern with the Acquia Office of the CTO (aka OCTO), reporting to Angie Byron and dedicating his considerable energy and experience to the "DMU".

Special thanks to PreviousNext and Cameron Zemek for their contributions and sponsorship of the DMU project. Thank you!

What is the DMU?

To help module authors get a jump start on porting their module to Drupal 8, the Drupal Module Upgrader is a Drush command dependent on Composer that lets you do a basic, initial upgrade of any Drupal 7 module to Drupal 8 "... the goal being that could at least turn on that module without crashing your site. If you're a more advanced coder, maybe you don't want a module rewriting your module for you," you can also have it analyze your code instead, "which generates a report of things that are wrong and points you to the documentation online where you can see what changed and how to fix it exactly."

Acceleration: DMU "... is not a complete wizard. It can't rewrite your module for you the way a human could. It changes function calls and starts you on the way to having a Drupal 8 module that works. It's a jump start on refactoring your modules for Drupal 8. So much has changed. The way we write modules is different now. It starts you down the road," if you have a module to upgrade. If you need to write a brand new Drupal 8 module, check out the work Jesus Manuel Olivas has been doing on the Drupal 8 Console scaffolding module generator. Here is a video of his session on that for jam's Drupal Camp.

How can I help?

The work being done on DMU right now is mostly being done by Angie and Adam ... mostly Adam :-) ... "It's all based on plug-ins. Right now we're working on establishing an API that you can use to write more plug-ins. The point of a single plug-in is to convert some piece of your code," a particular function call, hook or what have you. "Some hooks have been removed or some hooks gave changed format, so there's plug-ins to do all this stuff. I'm hoping that the community will step up and write plug-ins for this. DMU is a very thin wrapper around a lot of plug-ins, basically."

Angie Byron (in person) and Adam (remotely) is going to be doing a BoF about the DMU at DrupalCon Amsterdam: Wednesday, October 1, at 15:45 (aka 3:45 p.m.)! If you are going to be in Amsterdam and have anything to do with maintaining modules, you should check it out.

Guest Dossier: Adam Hoenich

  • Acquia OCTO ("Office of the CTO ") intern, Drupal contributor
  • Drupal.org profile: phenaproxima
  • Website: http://www.phenaproxima.net/cv/
  • Twitter: jphenaproxima (Adam uses this to track long-distance bike rides :-)
  • 1st Drupal memory: "Making a total hash of a Drupal 5 theme ... Now my themes actually work ... and I write modules, too."
  • Favorite thing about Drupal: "Drupal core. Developing on Drupal core, you can tell that a lot of smart people put a lot of brain power into this thing and that there's a lot that they've thought of. For me it's really pleasant to code for Drupal. The community is also amazing, but mostly, I like the code."